A conjunction of Time-Place-Action.

 Our focus is on enhancing innovation management practice. We draw on the Ancient Greek notion of Kairos – a time for action when background circumstances are right – a hunter being at a waterhole at dusk and being positioned to skilfully release an arrow at the right time, or an orator injecting a key argument into a debate at just the right time. According to a successful serial entrepreneur and start-up champion, timing is everything, having a greater influence on the likelihood of success than the nature of the idea itself and the implementation team.

Whilst accessing resources to develop and deploy an innovative idea is important, so is consideration of place and timing. Exploring possibilities, evaluating options and exploiting opportunities all have elements of time and place associated with them. Both where to look for ideas, and the orchestration of where  and when to launch an innovation  influence the outcomes of the innovation management process.
Our RTRP (Right Time, Right Place) analysis considers the conjunction of multiple aspects of Place, Idea, Resources and Timing at different stages of the innovation journey – reflecting on where are we now and orchestrating action for the next stage of the journey. It is about framing past and projected decision events leading to a goal, supporting a back-casting strategy.

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