How you benefit

RTRP  analysis is a strategy development tool that helps reflect more broadly on where to discover, develop and deploy an innovation, what ideas need to be combined, what resources may be needed; reducing risk by doing the right things at the right time.


Undertaking this kind of analysis and implementing the strategies developed builds innovation capability. Thinking in this way can help in planning organisational change.

It can also provide a Meta-level framework drawing on other analysis tools and organising relevant enterprise knowledge and academic literature. For example PEST analysis may be used to explore trends associated with Place, or TRIZ may be used in exploring Ideas. Or technology roadmaps (see video below) may be used to consider emergent technology Resources. Or real-time business intelligence can help determine the Timing of appropriate action.

Typing the topic innovation and the journal Harvard Business Review into a google scholar search points to more than 1000 ‘hits’. Using the RTRP framework to tag each article provides  access to a wealth of information related to each element of the framework, e.g. cataloguing articles related idea generation.

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