What we do

RTRP analysis provides a tool for considering all aspects of context that come together to stimulate and extract value from innovation. We can undertake an analysis for you and/or teach you how  to use this tool through our RTRP Learning Laboratory. The analysis starts by characterising the context of past key enterprise events and the current position. This helps you draw on your past experience and highlights what has changed over time. Then we consider future scenarios that relate to the purpose of the analysis.

We use a card game analogy where a winning hand must have a combination of cards from all suites:

  • Place – Hearts (home is where the heart is)
  • Idea – Diamonds (the real treasure)
  • Resources – Clubs (organising a combined effort)
  • Time – Spades (a tool for moving mountains in small bytes)
  • The Joker – serendipitous events facilitating novel moves – does it change the way we play with place, idea, resources or time?

Getting the best hand possible before placing a bet would seem like a good idea

How you benefit

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